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Ms. Teresa Brown is our Cafeteria Manager.

Contact: 423.652.9260 or Email:

For today's menu, click HERE. 

Healthy meals for your child at a great price

Once again our prices for school meals remains unchanged for the school year.

We recieve funds from the USDA reimbursements and from customer payments. These funds are used to operate our program.  By design, no school system funds are used to operate this food service program.  PRICES: Breakfast: $1-Elemenary, $1.25-Middle, $1.50 high school.  Lunch: $1.75-elementary, $2 middle, $2.25 high school. Reduced breakfast price $.30, reduced price lunch $.40 all locations.

Last year we extended over $23,000 in credit to our paying elementary students who failed to bring lunch money. While most of these charges were repaid,  an increasing number of these were not.  In order to keep costs down for all paying participants of our food service program, at the end of this year we reserve the right to submit all unpaid charges to a collection agency to attempt to recover these funds.

Online Payment option - MYLUNCHMONEY.COM.

BTCS now offers parents the ability to fund their child's meal account from any internet connection.  In addition to funding the account, parents can view 7 days of account history and set spending limits for their child.

If you establish an account and make one deposit to the account, you can view your child's account balance and 7 day history an unlimited number of times in the future without making additional deposits.

How Do I Enroll?

•·        Go to and click ENROLL NOW

•·        Create an account for yourself and your children.

•·        Your student's district ID number is the student's 5 digit lunch number.  Your student should be able to give this to   you.

•·        You'll also need your student's date of birth, school, and grade.

•·        Provide credit or debit card information

•·        Select the Automatic Pre-Payment Option, if desired

You may also call the customer support center at 1-800-479-3531 for questions or assistance with enrollment.  Their support personnel are available Monday - Friday from 8 am ET - 7 pm ET. You can also email MLM at

BRISTOL TN. SCHOOLS -  Specific Information  Please note that use of this service will result in a transaction fee of $1.95 charged to the credit or debit card per transaction as of 5-11-09.  This fee is charge by, not the school district.

Apply for FREE or REDUCED meal benefits at any time during the school year

Please be aware that you can apply for FREE or REDUCED meal benefits at any time during a school year. If approved for free meals your child would receive a free breakfast and free lunch following the USDA guidelines per day. If approved for reduced price meals, your child would receive breakfast for 30 cents and lunch for 40 cents. Our computer system will keep track of your child's status, and this is not revealed to other students. Many of our paying students maintain a balance in their account, therefore it is common for many students to go thru the service line without exchanging money. If you have made a prior application this school year and were denied, you can reapply if your employment or income situation has changed. Per USDA guidelines we would need documentation on your application of the changes. Call 652-9222 for additional information. Each school maintains a supply of applications. We can also mail you an application, just call us at 652-9222.

Approval for FREE or REDUCED meals only applies for meals obtained after the approval date. CHARGES incurred before the application is approved are not erased by the application approval, and therefore the responsibility for paying these charges rests with the parent or guardian.