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Gwen Talley Staff Photo

I was born and raised in Bristol, Virginia . . . . just across the state line a bit.  I attended King College and graduated with a BA in Mathematics with an emphasis in Physics.  I have been teaching at Vance since 1987 and have taught all levels of math in both grades. Early in my teaching career, I coached basketball, track and softball. 

I had planned on teaching high school (Pre-Calc, Trig, Alg II . . . ), but I interviewed for this job and was lucky enough to be hired.  I have found that I really LOVE this age group.  Yes, they're unpredictable, stubborn, and of course they already know EVERYTHING - but I still love working with them.

I have a dog, Frazier, who is a lot like these kids sometimes so he is a blast to hang around with!  In my free time I enjoy cooking, gardening, lawn and landscape work, building projects, and just about anything else that will get me out of cleaning house!!