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Gini Powell Staff Photo

My Mission Statement 

My mission is to observe and respond to students' diverse academic needs. 

I  will incorporate creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation into my efforts to access each student's ability to learn.

I will demonstrate respect for each child, whether he/she has an attention deficit or autism, an emotional  disturbance or a learning disability.  

I will promote each one's dignity,  both inside and outside my classroom. 

Part of my mission includes aiding my  students in exploring the importance of school, and the importance of  learning. 

I will attempt to answer every question, and every cry for help  from my students, whatever form that question or "cry" may take. 

I will  continue to learn from my students. 

I will continue to reach out to the  total child, that each one might be provided every opportunity to succeed, in  my classroom and beyond.