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Mrs.  Katie  Sword
Visionaries - Science
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Assignments - Science(Archived)
Due Date: 5/31/2014
Subject: Science

All of the information for my class is found on

Parents: if you need a code to be able to see your children's science course, shoot me an email! I can send you a code!


Head to Schoology!
Due Date: 5/31/2014
Subject: Science

Please check my Schoology page for what's going on in my classroom. Ask your child how to access it- or email me for a parent code. Thanks!

2nd Nine Weeks
Due Date: 12/20/2013
Subject: Science

It's week TEN of the 2nd Nine Weeks. 

 **Parents: if you would like a Parent Login to Schoology, please email me and I'll send you one!

The following Brain Pops are due by Dec 20: Levers, Sir Isaac Newton, Waves, Sound


Monday: Dec 16


Tuesday: Dec 17

(Students will do one or the other)

a) Schoology login and sign-up for classes in preparation for January's laptop rollout

b) End of the nine weeks assignment (pick an spi and GO!)

Wednesday: Dec 18

Students will do whichever activity they did NOT do on Tuesday

Thursday: Dec 19

Benchmark Return/discussion of performance

Friday: Dec 20

It's a half day! We won't do much other than enjoy ourselves!

Monday: Dec 9

Classwork, getting ready for Wed's open note test

Tuesday, Dec 10:

Sound powerpoint foldable from Blendspace

Wednesday, Dec 11:

Waves Open Note Test!

Thursday, Dec 12:

Benchmark Review :)

Friday, Dec 13:

Benchmark Review

Monday, 12/2: Test Return/ Work Folders

  • From now on bring your own headphones/earbuds
  • Study Islands that are late will still be accepted, just for less credit
  • Parent Meeting for Digital Conversion is 12/10/13 at 6:00pm

Tuesday 12/3: Start Waves!

Wednesday 12/4: Parts of a Wave

Thursday 12/5 and Friday 12/6: Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

Click HERE for your STUDY GUIDE

Monday, Nov 25: Review for Simple Machines Test, get your Study Guide signed!

Tuesday, Nov 26: Simple Machines Test

Blendspace for Simple Machines: Work Smarter Not Harder: Work and Simple Machines



 November 4- November 8

Monday, November 4: Centers for Newton's Laws

Center 1: BrainPop, Newton's Laws of Motion

Center 2: Challenge Question

Center 3: R.A.F.T

Center 4: In Search of Newton

Center 5: Penny Projectiles

Center 6: Laws of Motion Poster

Tuesday, November 5

Finishing up the Centers

Wednesday, November 6 (day one of 90 min classes for lab)

You will work in groups through all sorts of Newtonian activities and demonstrations. SO MUCH FUN!

Thursday, November 7 (day two of 90 min classes for lab)

If you did not have lab on Wednesday, you will today: it's your turn to participate in Newtonian activites and demonstrations. SO MUCH FUN FOR YOU!

Friday, November 8 (I'm HERE. Eating lots of chocolate. Seeing old things.)

You'll hang with a substitute watching the companion video from the Disney Imagineering movie we watched last week. We did Gravity before- now it's on to Friction. 


Tuesday 10/29: More Gravity AND altered schedule day. We will be adjusting our schedules today to accomodate for the EXPLORE test taking place in 8th grade.

Wednesday 10/30: Gravity? Newton? We shall see what wild ways our day goes on Tuesday to determine what's up on Wednesday.

Thursday 10/31 BRAIN POPS ARE DUE! 

The Brain Pops that are due today: DISTANCE, RATE & TIME, WORK, and ACCELERATION

Friday 11/1: Newton's Laws



Don't forget: if you participate in this Blendspace you will be rewarded!

This week: October 21- 25

Monday: Finish Velocity and Acceleration

Tuesday: Sorting Activity- cutting and assembling a graphic organizer

Wednesday: Forces: Balanced or Unbalanced

Thursday: Practice Problem Blowout: and entire class period devoted to working through our motion problems

Friday: FLASHBACK FRIDAY: We will spend a Friday class period going back to review Minerals- your performance on Minerals on the Fall Benchmark will determine what you do and where you'll be. 

BrainPops due Oct. 31: 1) Distance, Rate and Time 2) Acceleration 3) Work

There is also a Study Island Assignment posted that is due NOVEMBER 26.

This week: October 15-18

MONDAY: Inservice for teachers

TUESDAY: Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt (make sure you finish this paper by Fri!)

WEDNESDAY: Notebook Setup, and begin "Matter in Motion" 

THURSDAY: Speed, Velocity, Motion and Acceleration

FRIDAY: Open-note vocab quiz!

Pathfinders! Welcome to Vance!
Due Date: 8/23/2013
Subject: Science

Hey Pathfinders! It's WEEK NINE! One week until Fall Break!

All computer assignments are due OCTOBER 2.

(remember, you can have your parents "vouch" for your scores on Brain Pop, I just need a note!)


Here is your link for help on the Benchmark: REVIEW FOR BENCHMARK!

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR EXTRA CREDIT! Do the quizzes on the Blendspace, have your parents sign off on the green sheet and you will receive 5 points bonus on your Benchmark.

On the Handouts and Forms link on the top of this webpage, you'll find links to the Study Guide.

This week: (9/30-10/4)

Monday (9/30): Review for Benchmark Exam

Tuesday (10/1): Benchmark Exam (don't forget the 10pt opportunities: Study Guide and Green Sheet!)

Wednesday (10/2): Brain Pops and Study Islands are DUE. Any and all remaining outstanding work for Pathfinders must be turned in by this date.

Thursday (10/3): Cookie Mining Lab: Students that do not pass the Benchmark will have item analysis this day instead of participating in the lab. Final grades are determined for the nine weeks on this date.

Friday (10/4): Last day of the nine weeks! You are 25% finished with the 7th grade. Time flies, doesn't it?

This week: Don't forget to listen to our RAP on plate Boundaries!

MONDAY: Continental Drift  (don't forget- username is vmsstudent and password is vikings)

TUESDAY: MORE Continental Drift

WEDNESDAY: Deformation

THURSDAY: Review/Study Guide

FRIDAY: TEST on Plate Tectonics

Return your signed interim report for a free 93 quiz grade!

Here is your Blendspace for this unit: USE IT! There are plenty of GREAT resources on here for you!

(If it's acting up loading, go directly to the site by clicking HERE.)

Hey- did you like or want to see more of the Earthquake movie some got to watch on Friday of last week? Check my Links- and you'll find it. 


click HERE for the Rock Cycle Foldable link to Youtube



HERE IS THE LINK to your edcanvas for Rocks/Rock Cycle. 

You will have a test on minerals this Friday, August 16. The study guide will be distributed on Thursday- but your notebook is FULL of everything you will need to know for the test, so use it! Don't forget to poke around on my edcanvas (link below)!


HERE IS THE LINK to our Minerals Edcanvas. Use it to remind yourself of what needs to be in your notebook. 

You will need your bound, 100 page composition book everyday for class from here on out!

Don't forget to enroll yourself in my text messaging program (this is for students and parents). It's through a website ( Remember: I can't see your phone number and the number I'm giving to you is not my own. This interface allows me to alert you to anything pertaining to school or to your performance in class individually.  

Use the code for your class period and text it to this number: (423) 217-4081

1st period: @b650

2nd period: @sword1

5th period: @swordk5

6th period: @swordk6

7th period: @swordk7

8th period: @swordk8

Once you text this, you'll get a reply asking for your name. Please respond with your first and last name. If parents are enrolling, enroll as "Aubrey McCray's Mom." That will help me organize who is who. Thanks so much!

Still wondering about the Interactive Notebook? Watch THIS to see what it is all about.

**Please remember to bring your Health Data Form (it says Confidential on the top) to school as soon as possible.

Any other forms that pertain to your family need to come in as well. 

Fee money ($30 per student) will also be collected beginning Monday 8/5. 

Have a great Tuesday!

Last Week as a Questor
Due Date: 5/10/2013
Subject: Science


Your last week as a Questor is here! Check my gradebook for Extra Credit opportunities!

Want to watch the AT movie again? Click HERE.


Have a great last week together, guys. I have had a great year with you!

Due Date: 4/26/2013
Subject: Science

Yearbook signing is MONDAY. Buy your yearbook in the office!

Walk-A-Thon is MONDAY. Permission forms and $$ go to Mrs. Sword ASAP.

Mr. Frank's trail journal site is HERE. Read up on how he managed to make it from GA to ME!


Want to know more about the trail? Go here.

Want to know more about where we are going? See what it looks like? (it was from the fall, but it's our hike) Go here.

Want to see what last year's kids did on this hike? Go here.

April 8
Due Date: 4/12/2013
Subject: Science

Two weeks to TCAP! (Testing window is April 22-26)

Monday: Time to review animal behaviors! We will remind ourselves of terms and ideas like innate and learned behaviors, instinct, territories, defensive behaviors, seasonal behaviors, and survivial behaviors.

Be ready to work in groups while we talk and think about these ideas while re-watching our old favorite: THE BATTLE AT KRUGER.

There will be an assignment due at the end of class!

Tuesday: We need to practice using dichotomous keys. Classification is a big deal when it comes to 8th grade testing, and we have to be ready to interpret animal characteristics using these tools. I have a TCAP prep full of dichotomous keys and we will complete it in class.

If you are interested, after our discussion in class comparing alligators and crocodiles, HERE is a link to an awesome episode of PBS's Nature program you might like to watch.

Thursday: Game day! We'll meet in groups for a review over animal behavior, adaptations and dichotomous keys.

HEADS UP! I posted an assignment on Study Island. It will be up through TCAPS. Log in! I left the games turned on, so play while you study :)

Friday: Another game day! PASSWORD using vocabulary :)


April 2-5
Due Date: 4/5/2013
Subject: Science

Hey Questors! Three weeks until TCAP! (TCAP window is April 22-26.)

Tuesday: We've got to cover Electromagnets this week. GOT TO! It's the last bit of our curriculum to hit that we haven't gotten to! Agh! SO! I am going to use a "flipped" classroom to accomplish this. That simply means, I want you to watch the following clips and Brain Pops about Electromagnets in preparation for Thursday and Friday's classes. You will have written homework, but, more importantly, you need to familiarize yourself with this information BEFORE we jump in and build on Thursday and Friday. "Flipping" means YOU get the content ON YOUR END before I work in class on it. The hands-on is what you'll remember best anyhow- so that's where the meat of my instruction comes from. **Man, I hope you read all of this!**

Brain POP: Electromagnets

Brain POP: Electromagnet Induction

Electromagnets (and YES, I know this is quite dry, but I promise I watched WAAAAAAY worse trying to find one that I thought yall would be okay with watching!)

How can electricity make a magnet?

DIY Electromagnets (we will be doing this on Thursday and/or Friday, depending on your class)

Fiddle around with this virtual electromagnet- same folks that brought you the gas game we played way back in the fall! (You have to hit the Run Now button)

SO: Tuesday, in CLASS-class we are going to go over a TCAP prep yall did before break. Yay. Gotta talk about things missed. It's part of the job these days.

Wednesday: You will get your written assignments that go with the "Flipped" classroom idea. They are not due until the day you do your lab. If you do not have them complete, you will not get to do they lab. Heads up.

Thursday/Friday: Build an electromagnet! Yay for hands-on science!

Due Date: 3/18/2013
Subject: Science




Gravity Game 1

Gravity Game 2

The Wagon Design Game

Not gravity- but fun and artsitic

Lever game


Busy Week!
Due Date: 3/4/2013
Subject: Science


Get ready, Questors! This week is going to go by QUICKLY!

Don't forget the meeting at THS tomorrow evening. You can start picking up materials at 6:00. The meeting begins at 6:30.

MONDAY: Start acids and bases week with notes on acids. Questors also will receive a calendar of events and upcoming topics in class today. It covers March and April's highlights- including a TCAP, Spring Break, Appalachain Trail dates, etc.

TUESDAY: Bases notes. Permission forms for the trip to THS should go home today.

WEDNESDAY: Indicators- LAB?! Due to the field trip to THS on Friday, we may very well end up doing a lab on this day.

THURSDAY: LAB?! We'll see, again, if I can squeeze in the lab for all classes before Friday's trip.

FRIDAY: The only classes that will meet will be the first block. We'll travel to THS after lunch!

Due Date: 3/1/2013
Subject: Science

If you have finished everything, watch THIS!

This week...
Due Date: 2/25/2013
Subject: Science

Hey! It's almost March! YAY!!

Monday: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures: notes, graphic organizer, info

Tuesday: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures: finish notes, classwork

Wednesday: Review of types of Chemical Reactions (Study Guide for Friday's test?)

Thursday: Review of it ALL

Friday: ANOTHER TEST! Very similar to Ch 13 test, and yes, you can take it out of your work folder and use it to study to prepare :)

This week:
Due Date: 2/22/2013
Subject: Science

Hey Questors!

Hope you guys and gals had a great Winter Break. We'll ease back into things this week:

Monday: A little reminder of chemistry, and then we'll get aquainted with the Appalachian Trail and what's ahead for us on the AT!

Tuesday: Back into chemistry- reading even more complicated chemical formulas, and using them in equations.

Wednesday: POP QUIZ! That's right! I'm announcing a quiz right here on the website (for you lucky website checkers!) that will be given this week. It will be five equations to balance, as well as chemical formulas to dismantle.

Thursday: Types of Chemical Reactions

Friday: Types of Chemical Reactions

Short Week!
Due Date: 2/13/2013
Subject: Science

Monday: Balancing Chemical Equations. You have homework tonight! Remember, complete your homework and get it signed and get 5 points on your test. Test is Wednesday!

Need help? CLICK HERE. 

Tuesday: Get your Study Guide signed! 5 MORE points on your test. Test is Wednesday!

Wednesday: Test! Chapter 13!

Week of Feb 4-8
Due Date: 2/4/2013
Subject: Science

Monday: Computer Day! Get started on those SchoolNet assignments!

Tuesday: WRITING PROMPT DAY! In science class, though, we're starting Chapter 13: Chemical Reactions.

Wednesday: Chemical Reaction notes

Thursday: Chemical Formula notes

Friday: Starting to balance chemical equations

Due Date: 1/31/2013
Subject: Science

A rundown of this week and what to expect:

Don't forget! Your Ch 12 Practice Questions is the Study Guide for your test this week. Get it signed by a parent and get 5 points on your test :)


1A and 1B- Thanks to the Geography Bee, I'll have a big ol' review tomorrow for a test we will have on THURSDAY over bonding (Ch 12). We will all be in the classroom together! Hang on to your hats!

3A- Review for the test: test will be THURSDAY.

3B: TEST! Ch 12!

4A and 4B: TEST! Ch 12!


1A and 1B: TEST, Ch 12!

3A: TEST, Ch 12!

3B: Start molecules :)

4A and 4B: Start molecules :)


COMPUTER DAY! Finally! SchoolNet assignments will be up and we'll have time in class to get something accomplished!

Yearbook Money and SchoolNet
Due Date: 1/31/2013
Subject: Science

Two items to remember that came up this week (but won't really matter to you until March):

1) Yearbooks! You can order your yearbook through my classroom. I will accept cash or check ($25) through March 11. Make your checks payable to Vance Middle School.

2) SchoolNet Assignments are UP and ON. They are not due of course until March 14, the final day of the nine weeks. You can see which ones you need to complete on your grades for my class. The ones without a score indicate the ones you will need to do. Remember, your performance on the Winter Benchmark (Christmas-time) determined which, if any, SchoolNet assignments you need to complete. If you were "proficient" you earned a 93, and if you were "advanced" you earned a 100!

Chemistry: A Volatile History
Due Date: 1/28/2013
Subject: Science

Hey guys! A stomach bug hit me like a freight train Sunday night. I am so sorry I'm not there! I feel like I've been out so much this month.

If you finish your work for the sub, you can watch this:

Chemistry: A Volatile History

This week:
Due Date: 1/25/2013
Subject: Science

This week:

Tuesday: Review of covalent and ionic bonding. If you happen to want to watch the entire movie of the clip we watched, it's found here: and, hey, it IS pretty entertaining stuff. More reactions than I had time to show you!

Wednesday: Metallic bonding information and notes

Thursday: Review of valence electrons, and Study Guide given out for this information

Friday: Bonding Test (Ch 12)

Assignment Image

Due Date: 1/25/2013
Subject: Science

There is a test on Chapter 12: Chemical Bonding tomorrow. You may get your Practice Questions packet signed to get 5 bonus points on the test.

Cross your fingers for some snow!

This week...
Due Date: 1/18/2013
Subject: Science

Monday: HEY! I'm finally back! Benchmark info and Alien PTOE check.

Tuesday: Valence electrons, Lewis Dot Formation- we'll talk about electrons in the outermost energy level and what that means for reactivity in elements.

Wednesday: More valence information.

Thursday: I'll be here. HA! SO EXCITED. Mrs. Gresham will be here and you'll have an in-class assignment related to Lewis-Dot and valences.

Friday: I'll still be here. Seriously, this is right by our hotel. SO STINKING EXCITED.


Monday the 21st, you are out for MLK Day. I'll see you on the 22nd! Maybe I'll bring some chocolate back!

Here's some help for you!
Due Date: 1/11/2013
Subject: Science

Click HERE for the link to me explaining how to do your assignment today. NO judging. I was tired and I don't know how to do "holdey-out" filming with my phone. I'll get better. Just not tonight.


If you get finished, you can watch as a class you can watch this: Bill Nye "Greatest Moments in Chemistry" you might have started on Thursday.


Want to watch the Avett Brothers when you get home? I know you do! HERE YOU GO! Hey! They were at Grandfather Mountain today! I can't even believe it. I hate I missed them. They were just there being tourists. I would have DIED!


Grades and Homework
Due Date: 1/9/2013
Subject: Science
  • Grades are complete for the 2nd nine weeks.
  • There is a homework assignment for tonight (1/8/13): a Brain Pop quiz and activity on the Periodic Table.
  • Watch this!

Brain Pops for Class 4B
Due Date: 1/8/2013
Subject: Science


Atomic Model


Thanks, Wade!

Due Date: 12/21/2012
Subject: Science


I'm very worried some of you guys won't get these finished. Remember: I'm running them tomorrow at 11:45, the end of our half-day.

Due Date: 12/21/2012
Subject: Science

Grades are not complete as of today (12/21). I still need to finish grading the Benchmarks, and THEN they will be complete. That should be finished in the next couple of days... I hope!

The SchoolNet grades have been added. There were MANY Questors that simply did not even open the program to work on them. The assignments were made and added over one month ago, and I am disappointed with the number of failures for the nine weeks due to folks just not making any effort to get these complete. We'll talk more about this in January.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas!

Periodic Videos!
Due Date: 12/14/2012
Subject: Science

Click HERE to see your Periodic Table Videos. I LOVE THESE!

Due Date: 12/14/2012
Subject: Science

Hey Questors!

This week:

1. Benchmark is TUESDAY. It will count as a quiz grade.

2. Take the survey found on the Vance home page (that I showed you how to access in class on Monday). Your "secret" word is: middle

3. Christmas Party is WEDNESDAY! Bring your lightly used items to school any day this week and give it to any teacher on the team.

Food item assignments for party:

*First block 1A and 1B: sweet breakfast food and a 2-liter or juices

*Third block 3A and 3B: desserts and a 2 liter or juices

*Class 4A: paper products (cups, plates, napkins, forks)

*Class 4B: salty breakfast or chips

4. SchoolNet assignments are DUE ON FRIDAY! You may stay after school to work on them in my classroom on Wednesday and on Thursday. Make sure you have a ride to get you by 4:00.



Testing and Next Week
Due Date: 12/7/2012
Subject: Science

Happy Friday, Questors!

You've made a Periodic Table, colored it, and next week we'll get waaaaay more aquainted with it. Be prepared for a test on Friday, Dec. 7!

Have a good weekend!

How Small is an Atom?
Due Date: 11/30/2012
Subject: Science

This is the TedEd clip we watched today: HERE

Want another one that really might blow your mind? Try THIS one.

If you want to dig around on the TedED site, to see what else (even in OTHER subjects, *GASP!*) and see what you can find: here it is. There's lots of interesting things to learn! Go, watch, and see what you can see!

Atoms, Elements and the PTOE
Due Date: 11/30/2012
Subject: Science

Atoms, Elements and the PTOE

This week we'll be cracking into the Periodic Table while we learn more and more about atoms and their structure. Tuesday night will have homework for Questors, a bit of reading for information from Chapter 10. (Chapter 10, you say? We barely even talked through Chapter 9! Well, there's a reason for that. Your textbook has a bit of a strange layout when it comes to atoms. I'll be skipping around a little this week and next. Your notes pages/vocab sheets/homework will be the key to having all the info you need come test time. Speaking of: test is scheduled to be next Friday. Info from SOME of Chapter 9 and SOME of Chapter 10 will be included.)

Want a peek to the song we'll be listening to tomorrow?

Here you go:

Gas Properties Game
Due Date: 11/16/2012
Subject: Science

Fiddle around with this website's  (MUST CLICK RUN NOW) game to heat up and cool down gas particles. You can pump in more and more particles. You can increase and decrease the volume of the box by dragging the little dude. You can even mess with the gravity! The more you play, individually, the more you learn! Watch what happens in as many situations as you can simulate!

Due Date: 11/16/2012
Subject: Science

YOU HAVE A TAKE HOME TEST TO COMPLETE TONIGHT! Chapter 8, guys and gals. If you are headed to the Twilight premiere, know that it's still due tomorrow ;)

Chapter 8 Start
Due Date: 11/8/2012
Subject: Science

We started Chapter 8 today: States of Matter. Particle arrangement is the name of the game in 8th grade for this stuff. Your Brain Pop notes page/assignment page is very helpful in walking you through all this. You can watch it any old time: States of Matter on Brain Pop. You will have a little time on your own to finish up the work on Monday's computer day.

Don't forget after-school tutoring has started! Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school in the library! Anything you need to work on, catch up on, or get help with: just show up! No need to sign up, just be there :)

Have a fab Thursday, Questors. Are you brainstorming quotes/ideas for our team shirts??


Chapter 7 Test is MOVED!
Due Date: 11/5/2012
Subject: Science

Chapter 7 Test has been moved!

The open note test has been moved- it is now on Monday, November 5. Make sure your notebook is organized. If you get your Study Guide signed, YOU CAN USE IT!


Heads up on next week!
Due Date: 11/2/2012
Subject: Science

Hey Questors and Parents!

Next week is a big one for ONE reason: THE EXPLORE TEST! Don't forget to get rest and a good breakfast for Tuesday's assessment. It is the first big step towards high school courses and your path over there! How exciting!

*Chapter 7 Test is on Friday, Nov. 2: it will be open note. Make sure your information is organized and ready to roll that day!

**School-wide announcements are now found on the school's homepage: under the blue tab on the left, Information, you'll see a link that says "Announcements." Daily announcements (like the ones Dr. Scott does at the start and end of the day) are found there.

October Information
Due Date: 10/31/2012
Subject: Science

Happy Fall Break!

When you get back from break we'll break into Chapter 7, and start chemistry with the basics of matter.

FYI: I posted the same October Calendar I passed out in class today- it's in my Handouts and Forms link.

Dates of note:

Fall Break: October 8-12 and 15

BETA Club Induction: October 16, 7 pm. Students show up at 6:45

Report Card Distribution: October 17

Constructed Response Testing for Math: October 23

Writing Prompt (practice run): October 25

Explore Testing: October 30

Writing Prompt Thursday!
Due Date: 10/24/2012
Subject: Science

Hey Questors, don't forget your writing prompt is Thursday. It will be a typed prompt- prepare yourself for this mentally. Typing your prompt will still require prewriting- so bring something to write with and some scratch paper to get your ideas flowing before your fingers get going! The prompt will be given during the first block of the day. We will have an adjusted schedule for the rest of that day- most classes after that will only meet for 30 minutes each. Eat a good breakfast and try to get here on time- the time to begin has been set at 7:40!

Good luck on this prompt! It's a trial run for the typed "official" prompt that will be given in February.

Due Date: 10/23/2012
Subject: Science

Parent Conference forms were sent home with Report Cards yesterday. If you would like to schedule a conference, just email us (or me! and we'll get you on the list.

We are running the conferences every 15 minutes from 3:00-5:45 on Tuesday, October 23.

Today in class, we completed a Measurement Brain Pop and reminded ourselves about finding volume using the water displacement method.

Density Homework!
Due Date: 10/23/2012
Subject: Science

You really and truly have homework in my class tonight! We have determined the mass and volume of a list of items- and now it is your turn to figure out the density.Complete the chart we started in class. Don't froget to answer the question at the bottom of the page! Use the following equation for each of the problems:

Density = mass/volume (mass divided by volume)


**Remember your Math Constructed Response test is tomorrow during your Math class (except Algebra classes- you are off the hook... until EOC time).

Tuesday, October 16
Due Date: 10/16/2012
Subject: Science

We'll crack into Chapter 7 today. There was a vocabulary sheet (posted in the Handouts and Forms link) we completed in class that goes right along with a PowerPoint that I've posted in the link above.

Matter basics: that's our mission this week.

Nine Weeks Test (and other important information)
Due Date: 10/5/2012
Subject: Science

Questor's nine weeks test in science will be Wednesday, October 3. Every student has been given a Study Guide! No parent signature for bonus points on this one. Sorry! (There will be bonus questions on the test.)

Also, Questors were given a letter to take home today. It was concerning an enrichment/remediation program being held at Tennessee High School over the fall break week. Please ask your child about it if you are looking for activities for that week! (Soccer girls may have missed the letter- they were pulled to leave for their game before it was given out in their class.)

Benchmark exams will also be next week. Science Benchmark will be given on Tuesday, Oct 2. This is a much shorter assessment and will be reviewed while we work to prepare for the nine week test.


Fossil Week
Due Date: 9/30/2012
Subject: Science

This week we will be continuing our look at fossils. Chapter 5 is laid out in a similar fashion to how we will run our week.

Monday: Geologic Column and Aging Fossils (section 1)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Different ways for a Fossil to be Formed (section 2)

Thursday and Friday: Index Fossils and Dinosaurs (end of section 2 and parts of section 3)

**I added a neat interactive slideshow from Dinosaur National Monument to my links page. Check it out!

(The powerpoints link at the top of my webpage is the same I'm using in class. Links should work!)

Chapter 4 Test
Due Date: 9/20/2012
Subject: Science

Chapter Four test is Thursday, September 20. Get your study guide signed for 5 extra points!

*Lost your Study Guide? Forgot to bring it home? Click on my "Forms" link at the top of the page, and download and print a new one!

The Next 3 School Days
Due Date: 9/18/2012
Subject: Science

I hope to see many of my students and their families downtown for Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion! I'll be super-busy all weekend and taking a very, very much needed day off on Monday.

Over the next three school days, each Questor will have to complete three packets from Chapter 4. The substitute will oversee the work, but feel free to work on them at home as well (once you get them of course). They will ALL be for a grade- so don't slack off!

Parents, if you should need me, you are welcome to email me- but I make no promises to see anything before Sunday evening. This is the only time I'm this hard to reach, promise!


**Reminder! Children's Day events on Saturday are free and open to everyone! Come and enjoy yourself!**

Starting Darwin and Chapter Four
Due Date: 9/13/2012
Subject: Science

Darwin and Chapter 4 work begin on Thursday. Natural Selection, Darwin's impact on biology, and where his ideas take us today will be the focus these next couple of weeks.

Two Student Performance Indicators (spi's) are our tasks:

  • Analyze structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations to predict which populations are likely to survive in a particular environment.
  • Analyze data on levels of variation within a population to make predictions about survival under particular environmental conditions.

Check my links for a hilarious comic about natural selection and survival of the fittest. It will challenge what most middle schoolers will think about "fitness" in an environment.

Also, the powerpoint we are using for the next little bit is posted in my "presentations" link.

"What Darwin Never Knew"
Due Date: 9/13/2012
Subject: Science

We watched a portion of a PBS NOVA episode titled, "What Darwin Never Knew" in class today and will finish up on Monday. You had a viewers guide to complete, and feel free to finish it up at home. You can stream the episode on the NOVA website. The link is above on my "links" page.

Have a great weekend! Go Vikings!

Chapter Three Test
Due Date: 9/5/2012
Subject: Science

Don't forget your Chapter 3 Test is on Wednesday, September 5! Your signed, completed Study Guide is worth 5 bonus points.

Lab on Friday!
Due Date: 8/31/2012
Subject: Science

Lab on Friday! Lab on Friday! Lab on Friday!

Chapter Three Information
Due Date: 8/27/2012
Subject: Science

Hey guys! Adaptations, behaviors and natural selection will be the focus this week. We have an awesome lab to do on Friday, and if the weather cooperates, we will do it outside! (But, I'm thinking Isaac might have other plans for us.)

If you miss any information, or want to see the clips we looked at in class again, check out the link on the top of my page titled, "Presentations." The same powerpoint I made for you and used in class (with working links!) is located there. It is the only one I've activated, so it is the only one there.

The following terms and concepts should be part of your knowledge for this chapter:

1) SUCCESS: what does it mean for an organism to be successful?

2) Is pigweed considered successful? Why?

3) What are the advantages for an organism if it reproduces asexually? Sexually?

4) What are the disadvantages for an organism if it reproduces asexually? Sexually?

5) Describe some survival behaviors: parenting, hunting, courting

6) Hibernation vs. Estivation

7) What is the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations?

8) What is the difference between innate and learned behaviors?

Rewatch the BrainPops, "Behavior" & "Natural Selection" for a review, and a bit of a preview of Chapter 4.

Chapter 2 Test
Due Date: 8/17/2012
Subject: Science

Chapter 2 Test this Friday! Remember, get your Study Guide signed = 5 points on the test!

Welcome Back!
Due Date: 8/14/2012
Subject: Science

Welcome back to Vance, 8th graders! It's going to be an awesome year together!

And, YES! I'm posting a project on the first day of school! You ARE welcome! (You are thanking me, aren't you?)

Foldable Taxonomy: Project Due Aug 14

In class on August 8 and 9, I will breakdown the taxonomy of some familiar well-known organisms. You are going to do the same with a foldable due next week. Each level of taxonomy is named because of an adaptation, behavioral or structural. I will give you lots of examples in class and show you a foldable that is completed so you know what I'm looking for:

You will pick an organism, break down each level of its taxonomy, and tell me/us what each of the levels mean, i.e., purring-cat, winged, stinging, bipedal, etc. I promise, it won't be hard, you'll probably be able to Google most of the information in just a few minutes for each level. There are four student stations in my classroom- and, with my permission, you will be allowed to use them to research this information this week. Be creative!

Due Date: 5/31/2012
Subject: Science

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to make sure you've seen all that I've posted. Thanks!

Due Date: 5/22/2012
Subject: Science

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to make sure you can see all I've posted. Thanks!